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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are purchasing dishcloths only, please choose the option of "Porch delivery" as these cloths can be mailed regular mail.


If your friends or family have never used these Swedish dishcloths, there's never been a better time to convert them. Easier to stock up on these cloths than papertowels that take up so much space and they're better for the environment. 

TWO CLOTHS FOR $11. A great price!


These amazing Swedish dish cloths are made of cellulose fibre and cotton. They absorb up to 3/4 cup per cloth, are machine washable and dishwasher safe (top rack) up to 200 cycles. They can also be boiled or microwaved to sanitize.   

These cloths are Eco friendly, bacteria resistant, easy to clean, and are an alternative to sponges, paper towels, and rags. Save money and the environment, as one dish cloth replaces up to 17 rolls of paper towels!! They're also compostable. 

Use them to clean counters, floors, windows, anything a paper towel would clean. 

Each cloth measures 6.5" x 8" 


Original Swedish Dishcloths - Winter Collection

SKU: #Swedishholiday
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