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Please read the entire message before ordering.


Is there a soap that you've been reordering because you absolutely love it?

We all have our favourite scents.  

This is a great way to stock up and SAVE. You can keep some for yourself and give some as gifts.


Small rectangular soap loaves, made with smaller molds, usually produce 7 bars of soap.

Each bar cures to approximately 5 oz each but they're cut at over 6 oz.  (water evaporates)

Each loaf would normally be priced at $49 ( $7 per bar x 7 bars )

This offer can be purchased at $40!  An obvious savings of $9 

You will have seven 5 oz bars of soap that will last you a while.

Stock up today! 


**The pictures here are an example only. 

  Each loaf can be custom made in your favourite scent with a simple design or plain in any colour.

  You can also have it made without scent or colour if you prefer or have sensitivities. 



Here are examples of loaves on offer but if you want a specific soap loaf, just ask!

Email at 

Lavender & Alkanet Root soap = solid purple colour with lavender essential oil (exfoliant soap)

Lavender soap = solid purple colour with lavender essential oil

Orange & Tangerine soap = solid orange colour with orange & tangerine essential oils

Naked Castile soap = no colour and no scent (great for those with sensitivities)

Cypress & Lemon soap = solid greenish/yellow colour with cypress and lemon essential oils

Patchouli soap = solid light pink colour with patchouli essential oil

Cedarwood soap = solid green colour with cedarwood essential oil

Green apple soap = solid light green colour with green apple parfum

Almond soap = solid beige colour with almond parfum

Musk soap = solid light grey colour with musk parfum

Gardenia soap = solid pink colour with gardenia parfum

Hawaiian Plumeria soap = solid light pink soap with hawaiian plumeria parfum


INGREDIENTS: Saponified Organic Olea Europaea (Olive Oil), Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Organic Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil), Mica and the choice of essential oil or parfum. 

** Lavender Alkanet Root has alkanet as an exfoliant. 







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