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RECTANGLE GLASS SOAP DISH:  Elegant yet simple, this transparent dotted glass soap dish elevates any kitchen or bath. Use it for soap or as a handy holder for rings, earrings or other valuables.


OVAL SOAP DISH:  Bring French elegance to your "salle de bain" with this lovely ceramic soap dish. Colour is white and measures 5" long. The slightly raised lettering (Savon) on the inside bottom of the dish, helps to keep your soap free of standing water.


CERAMIC RIDGED DISH:  This soap dish is modern and simple. Keeps your soaps dry and easy to clean. Made of white ceramic and is 5.25" long. Only 3 left!


CLAW FOOT TUB DISH:  This lovely ceramic bath tub soap dish has ridges on the bottom to keep your soap dry. This is not a pure white, but rather an ivory/beige colour. Smaller soaps fit perfectly, larger soaps will angle a bit. Measures 5.5" in length. * Discontinued by the supplier. The stock we have will not be replenished.


SHELL SOAP DISH:  A perfect dish for those who love the sea. This soap dish is shaped like a shell and has slight blue accents on a white dish. Made of ceramic. 


ACRYLIC RIDGED SOAP DISH:  This ridged acrylic soap dish has an elegant modern look while keeping your soaps dry between uses. It has some weight to it and feels like glass. Meausres 4" long. * Discontinued by supplier 1 left in stock.


TWO PIECE SOAP DISH: This handy 2 piece soap dish keeps your soap dry inbetween uses, as the excess water drips below the shelf. It's especially good for the glycerin soaps and helps all soaps last longer. This dish is made of white bone china and measures 5.5" long. Only 3 left!


FARMHOUSE PINE SOAP HOLDER:  This unfinished pine soap dish is ready to be oiled or sealed. Soap will stick a bit to the dish if left unfinished. Perfect for those who don't want anything breakable like ceramic, or outside in a covered location. Lightweight and has grooves for water to drip through.


TORTOISE SOAP DISH: Made of porcelain and coloured in green and brown. A charming addition to your bathroom or kitchen. 6" long. 


SLEEPING BUNNY:  Made of porcelain. This cute bunny is coloured white and measures 6.5" long. Only 1 left! 


SLEEPING HEDGEHOG: Made of porcelain. This sweet hedgehog is coloured white and measures 6" long. Only 1 left!


OPEN MOUTH WHALE: Some sea side fun with this blue coloured whale made of porcelain. He measures 6.5" long and has ample room for any size soap. Only 1 left!


CLAM SHELL:  This charming double clam shell soap dish is made of porcelain and is coloured white. Measures 3.5" deep. Only one left!


MATT ROUND IN PINK, MINT, OR WHITE: Choose between these lovely colors. Each dish measures 4" and is made of stoneware. 















Soap Dishes - Various Designs and Prices

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