Holiday Bark? wax melts!  If you have a wax burner, try these pieces of Eco Soy wax melts and do away with anything paraffin!  Infused with organic balsam fir essential oil scent, these all natural pieces will make your home smell like the holidays in no time. Please take care to always burn your wax melts in an appropriate container/burner and follow directions of the burner. Keep away from children and pets while burning. Pets should not inhale this scent without fresh air.

  75 grams of product. 

** Paraffin wax melts with synthetic fragrances sell 50 grams for $3 compared to our 75 grams of natural wax for $6!  

NB: These wax melts should NOT be placed in diffusers that contain water

INGREDIENTS: Eco soy wax, organic balsam fir essential oil, rose and jasmine buds

Natural Wax Melts - Organic Balsam Fir Scent

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