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Please read thoroughly.


Two different extra large glass refill bottles to refill your smaller glass bottles at home. 

(smaller pump bottle shown in pictures to compare in size only) 

You can choose between buying the 64oz or 32oz bottle with liquid soap OR

You can choose to have your 64oz or 32oz bottle refilled with liquid soap only. 


The glass bottle with the small glass handle would contain 64 oz / 1,814 grams of liquid soap .

The bottle without the small glass handle would contain 32 oz / 907 grams of liquid soap.


Each have solid caps only. This includes the liqud soap as well as the large bottle.

Please be aware that these are heavy products and you may incur a higher shipping cost if you live outside of the GTA. 


**For those who live in the Oakville/Burlington area of Ontario, we can refill your previously purchased bottles through pickup/drop off and the cost would be for the liquid soap only in the appropriate amount for the glass bottle. Please rinse out your bottle. It will then be properly cleaned, disinfected with Isopropyl alchohol and refilled with the scent you choose. If it is a different scent from previous purchases, the label will be changed. 


These larger bottles can be scented with one scent or left unscented. Your choice. 

Only pure organic essential oils are used to scent the liquid soap at proper formulated levels. 


If you wish to have a fragrance used, please contact to discuss, as many fragrances will seize the liquid soap. Our scents do not have parabens, phthalates, endocrine disruptors or reproductive toxicity. 


*Since these are heavy items, those out of the Oakville/Burlington area should contact via email to request shipping costs. 

*Bulk purchases of liquid soap in larger amounts available (ie: 20 litres)

- please contact us at


 Certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI)
 75.5% Organic Ingredients
 Made with organic vegetable oils (organic coconut and sunflower)
 Naturally clear and pale yellow in color (may vary)
 No surfactants
 No parabens
 No Sulfates (SLS & SLES)
 No Glycols
 No Phthalates
 No mineral oil compounds


Liquid Soap Ingredients:

Aqua, Potassium oleate*, Potassium cocoate**, Glycerin***, Potassium citrate, Citric acid   

(organic essential oil or unscented)  

*Derived from organic sunflower oil

**Derived from organic coconut oil

***Organic origin 

Liquid Soap Refill and Bottles ( 2 sizes ) Organic Ingredients

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