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30 different scents !!  Choose your favourite. There's also a bit of a price break with this larger format. This formula of liquid soap has ingredients derived from organic sources. Great lather and wonderful scents!  Vegan friendly. This refill is a plasic bottle.  17 oz. Please reuse or repurpose. 


NB: We will be pausing the use of these plastic bottles. We have only a few left in stock and the price increase to purchase more isn't worth it.  We have plenty glass bottles in stock so please have a look at the 17oz glass bottles which can either be in refill or pump.  


NB: If and when the essential oil sits at the top of the liquid soap, just gently shake the bottle upside down a few times. This will make the soap cloudy for a little while, but it will clear again once the scent settles. 


INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Potassium oleate*, Potassium cocoate**, Glycerin***, Potassium citrate, Citric acid   (essential oil or unscented)  

*Derived from organic sunflower oil

**Derived from organic coconut oil

***Organic origin 


Liquid Soap Refill - Large plastic bottle Various scents

SKU: #202101LP
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