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*Please read thoroughly for precautions. 


This is an all natural cleaning spray for areas in your home that need extra cleaning such as tubs, showers, sinks, and toilet bowls. If you use it on counter tops, please take care with granite, marble, quartz or any surface that is unsealed as the extra strength vinegar ingredient may be too strong. Be sure to wipe dry and use sparingly on those surfaces. 


This formula of strong cleaning vinegar, hydrosol and essential oils will leave your space smelling fresh and clean. Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties which help to dissolve soap scum, grease, and dirt. It can also be diluted into another bottle if you wish to have it half strength. 


16 oz clear glass bottle with large spray cap can be reused or recycled.

Choose your scent from the list.


Shake well prior to use as oils will sit on top of liquid.

Can be diluted with distilled water if you find it too strong.

No chemicals. No preservatives. 



Do not leave the bottle on any surface that can leave a ring and do not use on any surface without testing first. Not for use on untreated/unsealed wood, aluminum, marble/granite or faucets/drain covers as this spray may discolour/etch if left without rinsing/wiping well. It has very strong vinegar in the formulation therefore please take precautions. 


INGREDIENTS: Hydrosol Water (various scents),  Acetum (Vinegar) Cleaning Vinegar, Essential  Oil (Various scents)

Natural Cleaning Spray - Various Scents

SKU: #20200707
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