NB: This is pure Kombo butter without added ingredients. It has a strong scent (almost molasses like) and may stain clothing, so be prepared to let it absorb. 


Kombo Butter is made from the seeds of a tropical West African tree called Pycnanthus angolensis, which is also known as the "African nutmeg."  Pure, high-quality kombo butter made from hand-harvested and processed beans.


Kombo Butter is fast-becoming known as a super-butter. It is high in Myristoleic acid, which is used to treat all kinds of muscle and joint pain.


Kombo Butter is a brownish-blue color with a thick buttery texture that easily absorbs into the skin. It provides incredible benefits for dry or irritated skin, particularly when combined with other butters.


With its naturally high levels Myristoleic and other acids and antioxidants, it is known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-allergenic, antiseptic, anti-oxidizing, immune-stimulant, painkilling and regenerative properties.


Keep water out of tin. No preservatives. 1 oz. tin 


INGREDIENTS:  Pycnanthus Angolensis (Kombo) Butter

Kombo Butter

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