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Choose from several different designs that will compliment your decor. 


KISSING FACE HOLDER: There’s nothing quite as cute as a kiss – or a Kissing Face Maxilight Holder. Crafted out of cement, this grey candle holder is sculpted in a style reminiscent of classic Greco-Roman art. Featuring a floral-crowned face with pouty, puckered lips, it makes an adorable addition to any style of decor. 4" high  


CORAL HOLDER: Fire and water are brought together in style with this unique resin and glass combination. 5" wide. 


NAUTILUS HOLDER: Add an attractive seaside accessory to your decor with this elegant Nautilus Shell Tealite Holder. Crafted out of ceramic, this richly textured white shell is designed specifically to fit a tealite candle for an elegant way to add ambience and style to any room. 4" long.


LOW PILLAR PLATE: Complement your candlelight with this elegantly understated Low Pillar Plate. Crafted out of aluminum, the classic design of this plate makes a graceful counterpoint to the warmth of candlelight, whether your decor is more traditional or contemporary. 5.5" deep.  1 left in stock. 


CUT-OUT HURRICANE HOLDER: Made of stonewear and comes in two colours - either silver or grey/blue. Can hold a small candle, votive or tea light. Measures 4" high.  * These have been discontinued by our supplier and we only have a few left!


SITTING BUDDHA:  This sitting Buddha tealite holder will bring peace and serenity – as well as warmth and ambiance – to any home. Inspired by the far East, this tealite holder is made of concrete, textured to resemble stone at 8" high. An elegant and exotic decorative accent no matter where it’s placed. *only one left !


ROUND TAPERED GLASS:  This little pot is perfect for votive candles or tealights. Made in Spain of recycled glass, its artfully crafted woven-basket design is full of intricate details. Measures 5" high.


ROUND TEA LIGHT HOLDER: This round tea light holder has thick walls to cast a warm glow from your candle. Clear glass. Measures 3.75" in diameter. Perfect for any room or the patio.


SQUARE TEA LIGHT HOLDER:  A perfect little tea light holder measures almost 4".  Made of clear glass with thick walls. Great for indoors or out. 


REVERSIBLE CANDLE HOLDER: Each glass candle holder can accommodate either a long tapered candle at one end or a tea light at the other end. 2.5" high. Shown in pairs but ordered as one. 


WHITE HIMALAYAN CANDLE HOLDER: Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder provides a warm and soothing glow as you burn your tealight candles. These impressive candle holders weigh between 1 - 1.5 Kg and are approximately 4 inches tall. They make a one of a kind gift as the natural design of the Himalayan salt makes each one unique. Himalayan salt is reputed to help purify indoor air, emit negative ions and increase energy levels while also providing a soothing white glow as the candle burns. Candle not included. 


TEA LIGHTS: Each of these natural, vegetable-based tealight candles has a burn time of over 4 hours and comes in a recycled material cup with compostable packaging.

Candle Holders - Various Designs

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