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These Natural Linen Sprays refresh, disinfect, and leave a light scent with essential oils

A customer favourite.

For use on bed linens or fabrics you want to refresh between washing.

Can also be used as a room or carpet freshener.

Please use sparingly around pets and those with sensitivities.


You can also use it in/on:

*room spray - please be mindful of surfaces that may be affected by residue

*carpeting or area rugs


*fabric sofas

*garbage cans

*fabric seats in cars

*hockey equipment bags

*gym bags

*outdoor furniture

*inside running shoes

*bed linens

**Please test prior to use and do not use on delicate fabrics such as silks, fine wools, satin, lace or leathers.


The glass bottle has 4 oz of product with a spray cap.


INGREDIENTS: Isopropyl Alcohol, Floral Water, Essential Oil - Please choose your scent.

Natural Linen Spray - Various Scents

SKU: #20200902
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