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This extra large spa box is filled with all sorts of goodies. 

It can be directly shipped to the recipient or to your home.  

$150 worth of product for $140! 


The online system won't allow to choose more than 6 items, so this spa box is pre selected with the most popular scents and items of what's in stock at the time of order.

If you need anything specific or want to change any item, please email at



1 - Whipped Body Butter  (large) 

1 - Dead Sea Mud (for face)

1 - Foot Salt Scrub

1 - Deodorant

1 - Dead Sea Bath Salts

1 - Linen Spray

1 - Soap Dish 

1 - Liquid Soap 

2 - Bars of Soap 

1 - Body Oil 

1 - Calming Roller Oil 

1 - Lip Balm 

1 - Pumice Stone

1 - Natural Candle 

1 - Cloth 


All ingredients are shown in separate listings on the site.


Spa Box - Extra Large

SKU: #SpaXLarge
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