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Choose from a variety of essential oil warmers for your home or office.

Simply add some essential oil into water OR wax melts at the top of the oil warmer and light a tea light candle underneath. The aroma from the oil will fill the air with your favourite scent.


Tea lights can be purchased here:

Organic Diffuser Essential Oils can be purchased here:


Very limited quantities

GREEN WARMER:  4" high Made of stoneware 

BLUE WARMER:   4.5" hight.  Made of stoneware. 

IVORY WARMER: 3.75" high. Made of stoneware. 

BUDDAH HEAD WARMER: Made of grey ceramic. 4.5" high. 

DOG WARMER: Made of black & white ceramic. 5" high. 

CAT WARMER: Made of black & white ceramic. 5" high.

WHITE TWIST WARMER: Made of ceramic at 13 cm tall. 



Essential Oil Warmers - Various Designs

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