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Eco friendly kitchen beeswax wraps are great for storing fruits, veggies, cheese, bread etc.

Perfect for replacing plastic wraps made of petroleum by-products.

Your food will be kept protected while breathing within the bowl.


Use the warmth of your hands to shape the wrap around the bowl or food until it is sealed.

Do not use on hot food, raw meat or fish. These foods would need to be cooled down and placed into a bowl before wrapping with the beeswax wrap.


To clean, rinse only in cold water. If a little dirty, use mild soap and cold water to wash, then air dry.

Do not place in microwave, hot water, laundry or dishwasher.

Your wrap should last a year with normal use. 


Can be repurposed by cutting into strips and using them for garden ties or thrown into the compost.  Reduce the use of chemicals in your kitchen. 


Made with 100% cotton fabric, Beeswax and Pine Rosin. 

A little extra product will be shipped with the fabric in order to reinvigorate the wrap if needed.


Beeswax Kitchen Wraps

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