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This small 5 oz Bath Salt is perfect for gift giving or to try the product prior to purchasing the larger format. It comes in a glass bale jar with a pretty ribbon and wax seal on top. (ribbon and wax will match the scent inside ie: lavender for lavender, yellow for lemon, etc.)


Simply pour the salt into warm bath water and relax in the chosen scent. 

Helps to relieve sore/achy muscles.


Made with the best ingredients on the market including :

*Dead Sea Salts - fine grain

*Dead Sea Salts - coarse grain

*French Grey Sea Salts

*Pink Himalayan Salts

*Organic Essential Oil

*Buds / flowers 


Choose your favourite scent! 


Bath Salts - Small (Partially Organic)

SKU: #smbathsalts
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