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How to use our Natural Hair Treatment

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

If you're in need of a great Hair Treatment balm for your hair, look no further!

This Hair Treatment will leave your hair silky smooth and help with detangling

We all have different hair. Some people have very curly hair, very straight hair or very thick hair. It seems that no matter what hair type we have, we wish for something different. Personally, I have very fine, straight hair. If I so much as get caught in an "English Mist", I end up looking like a wet cat. I have my hair hi-lighted to accomplish two things - the brightness I want and extra thickness. For this I pay a price (not just the actual price). The process leaves my hair dryer, so I need help with a treatment.

My favourite treatment product was bought by one of the large cosmetic companies and you guessed it - the formula changed.

This change prompted me to research and create this Hair Treatment formula.

I love it and I think you will as well. Here's how to use it.

Tip #1 - Ditch the chemicals!

It's important to understand the ingredients in any product. I urge you to research each ingredient of any product on the market. You'll be shocked to see what's inside some of them, once you dig a little deeper.

What we use on our hair is incorporated with our hands and so any nasty chemicals get absorbed through our skin. If you shrug and think that it's only one product, it's not, it's many products throughout the day. Why take the chance?

Tip #2 - Assess your hair

Since everyone's hair is different, you'll need to be selective about how you use a hair treatment product. This one is versatile. You can use it as a pretreatment prior to a shower, a leave-in overnight, or a touch-up during the day.

This all depends on your type of hair. If you have very fine hair, just use it as a pretreatment/leave-in prior to shampooing as it would be too heavy as a touch up....unless you use just a little bit. No matter the type of hair you have, it will help with smoothing out the dryness and help repair the strands.

Tip #3 - Try it several different ways

It's important to try a treatment balm such as this one, several different ways until you are happy with the results. Some people may only need help with split ends while others will want all over nourishment.

Tip #4 - The best ingredients garner the best results

What's inside this Hair Treatment product? Only the best of Organic Argan Oil, & Shea Butter, Baobab Oil & Marula Oil which are excellent for deeply nourishing your hair. Each of these ingredients are fantastic on their own but in this product you have them all and in abundance. There are no fillers in this product.

Tip #5 - You'll be hooked

You can try a smaller container to begin with, but it won't take long that you will want to have the larger format.

New sizes are coming soon with scented and unscented choices!!

For more information about this

Hair Treatment, go to the site at:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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